Chris Nieves 1987 IROC

chris magazine

Chris Nieves was featured in the May 2013 issue of GM High Tech Performance with his Blazing High Performance Powered 1987 IROC. Chris is running one of our 357 cubic inch SBC engines with a Solid roller custom ground camshaft, 8.5:1 Compression, custom CP Pistons, AFR Heads, a Vortec Y7-Ysi Supercharger, and TUNED PORT INJECTION! That's right.. Chris wanted to keep the TPI on the car for the time being to see what kind of power he could get out of it, and as far as we know, it is the most powerful single power adder TPI car in the world, making over 650 RWHP and over 700 lb/ft torque to the rear wheels at 21 psi on a Mustang Dyno! You can check out the build thread on the car at Blazing High Performance 2013